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Garlic Peeling Machine

Salient Features
High productivity and Capacity – 200 kgs/hr Better quality of peeled garlic, after peeling garlic is of a uniform nature and are neatly and conveniently collected and recovered Energy efficient, labour efficient and higher productivity Easy in operation and maintenance Significant for industry where women are employed in huge numbers Basic Description A food-grade highly cost competitive, fully automated machinery designed for bulk quantity peeling of garlic without damaging and maintaining the original property with wide application in pickle industry and garlic paste, Garlic powder. The machine is energy efficient and saves labour. Economizes operating cost, saves initial capital investments and removes capacity constraints caused by shortage of human laborers in peak seasons for pickle industry.

About us

About Mr.Nagarajan… Mr.Nagarajan founder of Virgo Engineering Works was assisting his father who was a great mechanic in modern rice milling equipments, from his childhood. As he was the eldest of his family he has to bear the responsibilities after the sudden demise of his father.
He embedded innovative engineering designs in the modern rice milling machines. Later on his interest turned to food processing machines. His focused vision coupled with his innovative characteristics started to pay. His machines such as Garlic peeling machine, Lemon Cutter and Multi Vegetable Cutter got wide recognition from the industry people and academicals.
His machines were more reliable and faster than the machines imported. With limited resources he have achieved many feats and he strongly believe that best part of his innovation is yet to come out.
Soon he is going to start a exclusive research and development wing which will cater to the needs of food processing industries of India.